What makes a top grassroots foundation coach?!

With the recent announcement from the FA of the foundation phase DNA learning/support material I thought I would look at what makes a good foundation phase grassroots coach. 
Much of the foundation DNA focuses on individual ability on the ball and the encouragement for young players to express themselves and to love the ball. In recent years the national team has had lots of ‘nice’ possession but lacks ability to play under pressure or change the game, where are the waddle, Gazza, Barnes, Beardsley types?! As such I’m all for the theory behind the DNA and it’s clear the majority of kids starting out just want the ball they want to dribble with it, score goals play like Messi and in all honesty who can blame them?!
I am a huge believer that allowing children to play and organically find THEIR way and THEIR strengths is actually the ultimate way in the foundation phase. That way we discover all types, dribblers, proper defenders, passers, poachers and many more different ‘types’. 
In my considerable experience of GR football across the country the majority of coaches are male dads that have played the game at a variety of levels. They tend to adopt adult values and try and impart these on the young kids! Many are obsessed with passing and team play others are obsessed with safety first get rid long ball type approach. 
So what does the ultimate coach at U6-8 (when most teams start) actually look like?! 
It’s really simple it’s the adult with no ego and no pre conceived ideas. The adult that’s only concern is the children and by being open minded they realise it’s the children’s game! The best adult for the role is often a mother that sits the new and improved FA level 1 prior to starting and embraces equal game time, a let them play fun approach with no set positions! Grassroots clubs I’d urge you all to consider and recruit more female coaches. 


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